When to use examination gloves?

Despite hand disinfection, examination gloves have to be worn for many medical and nursing activities. Do you know in which situations examination gloves should be worn?

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In these situations examination gloves must be worn
Wearing examination gloves is not necessary in these situations
Rectal swab for VRE screening
Wound care
Blood sampling
Skin care of patients within basic care
Washing patients
Preparation of cytostatic medication for intravenous administration
Change of incontinence pad
Care of a urinary catheter
Placement of a urinary catheter
Preparation of intravenous pain medication
Connecting an infusion (pain medication) to vascular catheter
Measuring blood pressure
Spray disinfection before blood sampling
Applying a new dressing during a dressing change of a small wound
Palpation of the abdomen during the physical examination